Building an online reputation is a journey and the best time to start is today!

Online Reputation

Let us look at WHY a positive image and strong online reputation are more than a ‘feel good’ factor.

Your digital footprints are your first opportunity today. Whether you’re a growing business, an online entrepreneur, or a CEO, without exception, you need to build trust and a positive image to achieve any degree of long-term success.

Your good business reputation determines whether people engage with it in the first place. More than 70% of people will search your name on LinkedIn before they even confirm a meeting with you.

The 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer Special Report on Brand Trust reveals that brand trust (53 percent) is the second most important purchasing factor for brands across most geographies, age groups, gender, and income levels, trailing only price (64 percent).

HOW do you build trust online for your own brand?

Building trust and getting this trust translated into more business, positive engagement, and establishing you as a trustworthy resource and brand is a journey.

Five things that build your online reputation and trust:

  • Being authentic
  • Your commitment to your brand values
  • Your ability to demonstrate your brand values
  • Putting people and trust above instant gains
  • Consistency and willingness to use your brand to help

Five things your online reputation and trust-building is NOT:

  • Instant
  • Fake
  • Selling you
  • Showing up only when it is convenient
  • Gimmicks

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Anu Bhatnagar
Anu Bhatnagar
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