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We understand your challenges and can help you overcome those challenges with integrated marketing & event solutions that are designed especially for you.

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Are You..

An International association exploring the opportunity to set up an Indian chapter or looking for visibility opportunities in India.

Already set up and looking to structure your offerings, streamline management and processes and interested to tap into growth opportunities.

A leading and extremely active industry association with an events calendar that needs to be professionally managed and seamlessly executed.

 If this is you, then its time to connect!

About Us

At Collab Function, we bring extensive experience to the table, specializing in elevating the presence of Associations. Whether your goals revolve around membership growth & engagement, course promotion, planning your calendar of events, event management, outreach or awareness programs, we are here to propel your association forward.

Our team has over 2 decades of result-oriented Association management, marketing, professional event management and customer excellence experience.  We are dedicated to helping you not only navigate but thrive. 

Let us be your partner in maximizing visibility and optimizing marketing efforts, ensuring your mission receives the attention and support it deserves. 

Our Services

Association Management,  Marketing, Event Management & Outreach

Our team has over 2 decades of experience working with global Associations.   We understand the challenges and have solutions to overcome them and tap into the vast opportunities that will help organisations fulfil their mission and fuel growth.

By helping associations enhance their offline and online presence, improving visibility of their offerings, and building a larger and more engaged member base, it will help lay the stepping stones to a sustainable growth and boost revenue.

How You Can Benefit

Our services are specially designed to take care of your Association’s needs

Association Management Marketing for Associations

We can help you with

Lead Generation
 Event Planning & Management Services
  • Membership Acquisition 
  • Member Retention 
  • Newsletter / Content Calendar
  • Planning Your Event Calendar
  • Event Management for Annual Conferences, Member Meets, Award Functions
  • Organising Professional Development Programs / Certifications
  • CSR Outreach & Awareness Building Campaigns
  • Collaborative & Strategic Tie-ups
Be In The Spotlight

Make your marketing assets work for you.

Building awareness and driving traffic to your most important marketing channels!  A strong online presence, content marketing, targeted email campaigns & newsletters, and social media marketing will help you engage with your existing members and build a connection with potential members.

Member Acquisition

We understand the value of community building. 

A strong member base helps fuel growth. Member acquisition strategies and powerful lead generation programs to help with membership drives, event attendance, learning & development opportunities, certifications, etc.

Engagement & Outreach

Engaged and loyal members contribute to the overall health and vibrancy of the association.  

It brings stability and a sense of community. 

Crafting memorable experiences through various activities and outreach sessions, networking events, annual conference, collaborative tie-ups, awareness building & CSR initiatives.

Member Retention

Member retention is a critical aspect for the sustained success of your organisation. 

Member engagement programs, effective & regular communication, recognition & rewards, customised membership experiences, learning & development initiatives, will help in reinforcing the association’s role in their professional as well as personal growth.

Association Annual Conference & Exhibition
Association Award Ceremony & Gala DInner

Why Us

We understand your business

Having worked with reputed global associations and not-for-profit entities, we understand the nuances of your business.

We are proactive

We don’t just stick to a script, we love to analyze what’s working and what’s not, and how things can be worked out more smartly and effectively.

We believe in result-oriented marketing

Tried and tested tactics that convert and bring about long-term and sustainable growth and boost in revenue.

Explore new growth avenues

We understand the challenges that Associations/Nonprofits face, be it membership, fund raising, events and outreach. Let us help you overcome those challenges.

Contact us to schedule a free consultation call or inquire about our services.